Glazed Ceramic Wall Plaque 8” x 4”

“Codex I” DS

Pink, Yellow, Brown Glazed and Incised Ceramic

8” x 4”

(aka ancient blog)

The codex was an ancient notebook used to record the ephemera of daily life. Eventually they became lavish in the Irish monastic community (Book of Kells). The codex was used as the symbol for a poet.

(taken from “The Gospels for all Christians” Richard Bauckham)

Q: Why do I blog?

A: I blog to express ideas, thoughts and feelings about what takes my attention.

These things are not necessarily things that my F2F friends would be interested in or I am unable to meet with them at the moment or want to discuss other things F2F.

When I practice the daily (weekly) St. Ignatius Examen, creating a blog post is always in the ‘life-giving’ column.

I blog to give back to the world some of what has been so generously gifted to me.

Blogging creates a record, however public or private, read or unread it might be. This unknown inspires me: the possibility of readership.

I probably blog for the same reason I paint: because it is in me and it comes out. It is that simple – and that complex.

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