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Over the years my work has been exhibited in over 70 shows in B.C., Ontario and even Scotland. Some portraits also were in a multi-country travelling show. A couple of awards came my way as well. Painting runs in my family on both sides.

After my undergraduate art studies at Capilano University and Emily Carr University, summer courses at Regent College, UBC and The Edinburgh College of Art, a catastrophic ankle injury led to a change of direction in my art practice. I began to study Spiritual Direction and Celtic Monasticism.

Over the past three years I have been giving “Shellseekers Art + Soul” workshops in contemplation and creativity. I pass on to others what I have been practicing in art and faith. Feedback comments have been “fun” and “peaceful” as participants practice awareness and gratitude in their daily life of creating or preparing a meal, singing a simple song, gardening, painting, composing postmodern poetry, collaging, and knitting in contemplative ways.  In  the summers I paint on the waterfront in the Painters’ Landing Program.  And, I might add, I just graduated with a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation (MASF 2016)!


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