From My Bookshelf

a few titles, a few names, and quotes to underline (if the book is yours)

Barton, Ruth Haley.  “Sacred Rhythms”  2006

“Like a plant that has become potbound, its roots searching for nutrients that have long since been used up, the human soul gets to the point when it is ready for a more spacious way to pray, one that provides more room for the mystery of growth in intimacy with God and more depth for the roots to sink into.”


Davies, Oliver.  Intro. , McGinn, Bernard. Ed. in Chief.  “Celtic Spirituality” 1999

“It is inevitable [] that the modern theologian, sensitive to issues surrounding the role of nature, women, or the imagination within Christianity today, will ten to put a far greater weight on these dimensions in early Celtic texts than will the social historian, and will more readily value them as the elements of a distinctive tradition.”


Fisk, Bruce N.  “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus” 2011

“When we borrow from the past, we attach significance to the present.”  “We flee life’s gray predictability to enter the luminescent Gospel World where anything can happen.”


Kidd, Sue Monk.  “When the Heart Waits” 2006

“Strength in weakness is the paradox of the cocoon.”  “When I first began writing I couldn’t admit to anyone – even myself – that I was a writer…  Owning my writer hood was a slow process… We own it a little at a time; bit by bit the realness shines through.”


Moore, Mandy and Prain, Leanne.  “Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti”  2009

“WHY WE LOVE TO TAG: Intrigue – We love to be part of the mystery.  We know that the next day someone will be wondering what a tag is and where it came from.  They will likely think, “Who would do that?”


Sarton, May.  “The House By the Sea” 1977

“I look out to the ocean over a large field, so I am not aware of the tides… [ ] or influenced their rhythm, instead, I am bathed in the gentleness of this field-ocean landscape.”


Sayers, Dorothy L.  “Gaudy Night” 1935

“Then, with many false starts and blank feet, returning and filling and erasing painfully as she went, she began to write again, knowing with a deep inner certainty that somehow, after long and bitter wandering, she was once more in her own place.”


Weston, John. “On!: Achieving Excellence in Leadership” 2017

“So much relies on integrity.”