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Should I stay or should I go?

Indecision, numbers, meaning – many feelings and thoughts rush in when several people cancel from attending a workshop this evening.  How many people are enough to go forward with?  Should I contact the others to make sure someone will show up and I will not have wasted a long drive there and back?  Will I change the program for fewer participants?  Who will eat all of the cupcakes I bought for this evening?

I have had a meditative day (praying, crocheting, reading, making meals, listening to a lecture on an mp3) so it is easy for me to slow down.  I ask myself one question:  Would I drive that far to have coffee with a friend?  Only two people will come.  If one is a no show (which happens infrequently) I still have one person to share contemplation and collage with.  If I phone to see if she is coming, she will likely cancel so I will not have to show up just for her.Image

I will go and I will trust God to make it worthwhile in God’s own way.