MAKING AN UP-CYCLED COLLAGE JOURNAL 2016 (Shellseekers Art + Soul, Deborah Stephan)


“Gone Girl” DS (page in collage journal)

This is an economical way of making a journal that will help save the environment. It will also provide a way for slow de-cluttering of your bookshelf/library in the re-purposing of some of the books that you like but will not re-read or passed on.

Images and text will be used randomly throughout – unlike a regular notebook or journal. The idea is to promote freedom of expression and an acceptance of ‘mistakes’, poor penmanship and ‘primitive art’ as happy accidents or random acts of everyday art. The book will be messy, hopefully so untidy that others will not be tempted to read it as they would with a bought diary. It may look like a piece of junk – indeed like some of our lives do at times – yet in the messiness, patterns of beauty begin to emerge for the one who notices.

The spiritual quality of the book is hidden in the everydayness of its creativity. The purpose of the Shellseekers Collage Journal is to discover both our own selves and God as in the prayer of St. Augustine: “Lord let me know myself; let me know you.”

Making in 3 easy steps:

  • Select a pre-read book, either soft cover or hard cover, preferably one from your own collection or at least a book that you somewhat resonate with
  • Obscure the cover with collage materials glue-sticked on, either wrapping paper, newspaper or magazine images, tissue paper, foil gum wrapper, bus tickets, anything around your home that has been used before
  • Place a ruler along the inside of the right page rip about 3 pages out using the ruler as a guide so that when finished you have about a 1 inch remainder of the pages and do this every 30 pages or so intermittently to the end of the book (this is so when you start to collage the book will still be able to close)


Feedback comments and questions are always welcome.


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