Grace Wulff Booklets

Gifts for the Journey

Gifts for the Journey

At a recent conference I ran into a classmate from our days at the Carey Centre for Spiritual Formation, Grace Wulff. Grace is now a hospital chaplain in Vernon, B.C. She has written her own resources, which include her drawings to further enliven the work. They will be providing interest, comfort and an opportunity for self-expression to those enduring long days in a medical environment.

Through personal narrative, encouragement and timely questions, her books provide accompaniment. Examples:

Dreams and Hopes

Did some of your dreams come true?

Do I still have dreams?

Write down your dreams and hopes for the future.

“A Guided Journal for Hope and Healing” 2015 Grace Wulff

Waiting Room



Waiting for …

the moments pass


I breathe




Sometimes the




It fills the





can be a gift.


Can I calm

The restless


of not controlling

the next moments?


As I sit

and wait

and breathe.


“Gifts for the Journey: A Hospital Chaplain’s Reflections on Life and the Life to come.” 2015 Grace Wulff


Here’s a shout out for the lovely Grace –

Blog website:


– to purchase the booklets and materials please contact Grace directly at:



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