Blue Suede Shoes


“Blue Suede Shoes” Collage DS

So yesterday as I walked the UBC campus a woman came out of a building wearing blue suede shoes. I had just written an in class test and was on my way to grab lunch at a nearby Italian café. My hand went to my bag to retrieve my phone to capture her feet. Then disappointed, I realized I could not take a photo of her feet without being observed. I thought perhaps it would be a violation of her privacy unless I asked permission. I was too tired for that level of sociability.

Today they are still etched in my memory. They were a lighter blue than expected – just a bit paler than blue jeans. They had chunk brown heels and matching blue fringes along the sides of the low rise boots. They complimented her pencil skirt in beige. She was a student of fashion.

Last week I had just gifted a light blue-framed collage I had created months go. It featured a cut-out of boots which I had coloured royal blue. The abstract surrounding magazine imaging of ochre and orange I supplemented with royal purple, green, red and white paint. The idea of creating those blue suede shoes low in the picture plain gave me great pleasure. I did not know why.

It came to me that they were a metaphor for dancing, yes. I have always, from my earliest days of doing the Scottish “Highland Fling” and “Sword Dance,” loved dancing. In recent years, after a catastrophic ankle injury, I do not dance – on the outside. Inside, however, I dance as much as I have always done. This, I see, is God’s message to me. He sees me, as I really am – a dancer.

David danced before the Lord with all his might.

Second Book of Samuel

2 thoughts on “Blue Suede Shoes

  1. Theresa Takacs

    I love that Deborah. I got the breaks of my car done yesterday, in my little town, without an appointment. I forgot to bring it in the morning…until just before 11:00. He said he didn’t know if her could get the parts early enough, or if he had the space of time to do it. I told him that I suppose I could forgo what I go into Kamloops today for, which is “dance”.
    I felt embarrassed by saying that, and smiled and he smile back…
    But wouldn’t you know…I walked to the store and picked up some groceries later, at about 3:00 and when I walked back I saw my car now out of the shop. I walked by because he was having a conversation with someone else…but then thought, maybe I should go and see how the car is. Turns out he had erased my phone number when he washed his hand…and that once he drives it in 10 or 15 minutes it would be ready.
    I determined “dance” is a good enough reason for my car to be reading that day. Lol.

    1. shellseeker0913 Post author

      “I determined “dance” is a good enough reason” I resonate with those words. Thank you. I offer another quote: “You turned my loud crying into dancing. You removed my clothes of sadness and dressed me with joy.” Book of Psalms


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