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A mashup of cancellations and registrations

A mashup of cancellations and registrations

“Collage Room Stockpiles” iPad Photo DS 2014

Piles of travel magazines are flanked with travel books and maps ready for the series that never happened. German fashion magazines line the floor next to sewing pattern catalogues and wallpaper books. Sample collage binders are piled on top of file folders. I am sure a decision about where to store them needs to be made.
A large Scottish bag in tartan is full to the brim of prepared yarn (rolled by my husband) awaiting the series in May. There are ribbons and beads and needles and hooks in bags. Project samples, some complete, crowd the floor.
All of this and much more have been collected, or bought in faith that workshops would materialize. It looks like an avalanche waiting to happen. I learn to wait well as these creative practices are woven into my prayer life and I yearn to pass them on.